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Spam & Virus Filtering

We eliminate virtually all spam emails and viruses from reaching your mailboxes, restoring the usefulness and security to your email.

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With advanced features of Junk Mail filtering and/or an advanced Mail scanning service your email and mailboxes will be virtually SPAM free.

We start by blocking all known SPAM domains as well as all international countries that your business does not communicate with.

If on a rare occasion a SPAM message still slips by the filters we can add the individual sender and/or the entire domain to the block senders list.

We have found this to be highly effective even for the most compromised email accounts, reducing the SPAM messages from over 200 a day to only a few, then continued adding to the Filter and has become almost 100% effective.

If you are experiencing an undesired amount of SPAM contact us today so we can eliminate this nuisance.