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Backup Strategy For Small & Medium Enterprises

Backup Strategy

The idea runs the business but data is critical. Thus, even a small data loss can cost thousands or even more would be catastrophic for a small business.  If your data got corrupted the business would look for every possibility to recover their data. Usually these small and medium-sized businesses are prone to cyber attacks and whenever cyber thieves makes their moves against them, their important files get corrupted or get missed. To escape this situation they will need an optimized, continuous and automated backup and disaster recovery plan.  As per resources, around 75% of the small and medium scale business data have suffered through cyberattacks & malware and had gone through much for restore their business data after data theft. Now, backup of your data is not an optional but it’s mandatory. The entrepreneurs who thinks that their business does not need backup policy are mistaken. Hardware failures or ransomware can make their business as well as life difficult with their attacks which may cause severe damage.

All important information, data and workflows must be accessible to everyone, easy to recover and always protected. As analog and digital business processes are improved by the fast pace, which can bring the heavy losses in finances if anything goes wrong by disturbances and technical failures. Now, the two types of people are exposed in the digital space. One of them is lost data and another one who are about to lose it. For SME data backup, you should opt for 3-2-1 rule, you must go for the following steps:

  • Create a minimum of three copies of your data independently.
  • Save those two different types of media.
  • Keep one backup copy outside your business premise.

Three Methods Of Data Backup:

External Storage Drives like USB stick or hard disk

Handling copying of data from A to B devices, this will create just a  snap for your backup, which is not in optimal solution. Try to avoid exclusive data backup on a single medium. If one of the hard drive gets corrupted, then all the backup information is gone.

Implement Software which has local back-up system

Now, imagine if your data gets stored somewhere as a backup automatically. Now, you don’t have to imagine, this solution when implemented in your business which will cover multiple corporate sites and collects all the data in one system, making recovery methods simple and effective.

This can be considered as the conclusion as finding a centralized storage location is confusing, highly maintained and therefore more exposed to vulnerabilities.  The software which comes up with such feature with back-up system is divided into:

  • Incremental Backup: It creates a security reference only those files which are changed since the last backup is created, this storage exist is shorter size.
  • Full Backup: Here, even the smallest data is stored together and regularly, this storage will take a long duration.
  • Differential Backup: It saves the data that is recreated or changed since the last full backup where data storage takes time.

Cloud-based back-up

When data can be handled with central management within few clicks, this will reduce or eliminate the requirement for high cost maintenance on this solution. It just takes a few minutes to restore data across entire virtual systems using databases and servers.

The market is already in the evolution process for back-up solutions. Especially, when the data traffic and encrypt transmitted data is to establish deduplication to reduce bandwidth usage in the cloud sector.

It is important to know that not all back-up solutions are the same and some are more effective and definitely easier to use than others. Different types of solutions are available which suites different industry and different kind of data. IT backup solution, should be one of the highest priority implementation and concern which includes the exact plan for implementation of backup as well as recovery of the backup.  Right strategies and right data protection methods will protect the companies from huge data losses.