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Quantic Networking is your local source for all your Computer Repair, IT Support, Computer Networks needs, and much more! Based out of Fort Lauderdale, we design strategic computer systems that increase the productivity, performance, reliability, and security of your network, while reducing costs throughout your organization. We have the in depth knowledge and the ability to implement advanced networking and security features that other IT support firms do not.

With over 20 years of experience servicing a wide range of computer and networking support needs in South Florida, we are certain we can handle any IT issue your business may face. We are your key strategic partner for all of your computer and networking technical needs. We provide flexible and scalable IT solutions for your business. Contact us today for more information on protecting your business' IT infrastructure and rest assured knowing that your security is our priority.

We believe in transparency and trust when it comes to your business, which is why we provide a personal IT support representative for each of our clients. Personal care, solid relationships, and the highest quality of IT service is what Quantic Networking stands for. We understand rapid response is paramount, by providing cost effective solutions with both on-site and remote IT support for the fastest response times with emergency IT service available 24x7x365.

IT Support Services

Contact us today for more information and receive 1 FREE hour of IT consulting.

Providing IT Computer Repair & IT Support Services to South Florida For Over 20 Years

Are You Fed Up With A Different IT Support Person Who Doesn’t Know Your Network Or Infrastructure?

We designate a Personal IT support technician for each of our clients, this way we develop a full understanding of your business' IT needs and applications to eliminate wasted time. We provide detailed information on the services performed so you may resolve future issues yourself. Take this opportunity to explore what we are certain will be a successful long term relationship.

Why Choose Us?

  • Based out of Fort Lauderdale, serving South Florida for over 20 years
  • Vast array of IT knowledge serving many industries
  • Single point of contact
  • All service documented for reference
  • Superior IT service at competitive rates


  • I highly recommend Jim and the folks at Quantic

    I have worked with Jim Parker and Quantic Networking for over 15 years. Down time on my office computer network is time and billable hours lost. Jim has helped me through crises, helped get my own domain name and created an integrated office computer system that I can use wherever I am to communicate with my clients and employees. I highly recommend Jim and the folks at Quantic.

    John Myers
    Attorney at Law
    Miami, Florida
    Source: Onsite

  • Extremely Responsible & Diligent

    McLuskey, McDonald & Hughes, P.A. has worked with Quantic Networking for over 20 years. During that time Quantic Networking has provided excellent service. Quantic Networking has been responsible for upgrading and installing many network systems, including network servers, printers, workstations, new software installations, software upgrades and internet access. Quantic Networking employees are extremely responsible, diligent, always complete a project from start to finish and will work through until a project is done right the first time. We highly recommend Quantic Networking as technical support specialists.

    Donna L. Christ
    Office Manager
    McLuskey, McDonald & Hughes P.A.
    Miami, FL
    Source: Onsite

  • Highly responsive especially in emergency situations

    My law firm has used Jim Parker and Quantic Networking for over 15 years for all of our IT needs. In addition to being extremely capable, they have always been highly responsive especially in emergency situations. I am always happy to refer them to my colleagues and acquaintances.

    Mark E. Kass
    Mark Evans Kass, Esq
    Miami, Florida
    Source: Onsite

  • Without question, these guys are the best

    Our company has used Quantic’s services for over ten years and to date we have been extremely happy with Quantic; they are definitely our go to guys. We rest assured that when we do have a systems problem, Jim Parker and his team of professionals will be there to fix the issue immediately. Jim Parker and his team of professionals are worth every dollar we’ve paid them. Without question, these guys are the best.

    Dan LaPadula
    Managing Partner
    LaPadula, Carlson & Co CPAs
    Coral Gables, Florida
    Source: Onsite

  • Extremely professional, respectful, and most important reliable

    I have worked with Jim Parker and Quantic Networking for approximately 20 years. Jim has always been extremely professional, respectful, and most important reliable. I never have to worry about being over charged something or that he recommends software I didn’t need just to make money. This speaks about his morals and integrity. Now about his knowledge and experience, that is something else completely; he is very knowledgeable in all the latest technology and has a tremendous amount of experience. I rather pay his higher rates and solve the issue in minutes than to have someone messing around with my system for hours and end up paying twice the money and not be satisfied in the end. Jim comes in analyses the situation, gives you a quote of the cost and time. Almost every time, completes the job to match the original quote. I would highly recommend Jim Parker and Quantic Network to anyone who needs good IT support.

    Hilda M Perez
    Garvera Insurance Associates
    Miami, Florida
    Source: Onsite

  • I am so thankful for him

    The old adage about you can’t teach and old dog new tricks is not what Jim Parker believes, I am living proof. I remember the day I met him and he changed out our computers, I had not a clue on how to do much of anything except turn it on and off and maybe look at emails. I’m still not a wiz at it, but I have a lot more knowledge now because of Jim Parker than I did a few years back. I am so thankful for him, because when I have a problem and I call him, he is there immediately to take care of the situation. Thank you Jim Parker for coming to my rescue numerous times.

    Cindi Collins
    Whitewater Boat Corporation
    Miami, Florida
    Source: Onsite

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